Five years of Tec Media Services GmbH: an outlook on future goals

An interview with CEO Jürgen Schröder by Insa Lohmann, freelance editor in Bremen:

Insa Lohmann: Mr Schröder, the year draws to an end – what were your personal highlights?

Jürgen Schröder: I can look back on a positive corporate development: by now we have reached a high level increase of turnover of 12 percent. Furthermore we were represented at the Cebit fair for the first time this spring. There the idea of “ePAYSLIP®” was born, which has been already successfully established by our customers.

Insa Lohmann: TMS has been operating for 5 years. At the beginning the term “Cloud” has been negative connoted. What has happened since then?

Jürgen Schröder: The economic advantages and efficiency of cloud applications clearly speak in favor of the system: our DMS “TMS Archiv” can be used immediately and works on all devices. Furthermore it requires neither an investment nor an installation – this enhances the acceptance by the users. This is also shown by the turnover development in cloud computing: since 2009 the turnover has risen from 2.9 to 10.2 billions. TMS itself has won over about 300 clients with 4000 users in the last 5 years.

Insa Lohmann: How do you help a company to find their ideal cloud solution?

Jürgen Schröder: Bills, delivery notes, files – a customer has an increasing number of required-to-keep documents, which have to be handled and stored. We help them to transform the previous organization structure into a digital form. Wether it is a logistics company, a broker or a communications supplier – with “TMS Archiv” we can create an individual structure which facilitates the work of our customers.

Insa Lohmann: How exactly do you support your clients?

Jürgen Schröder: Right from the start we try to relieve our clients of unnecessary work. “TMS Archiv” doesn’t require any specific client software and can be used immediately. To take care of a companies individual concerns becomes our personal matter. With that in mind TMS is keen to optimise the system in collaboration with our customers. For example, we have implemented a Two-Factor-Authentification upon request of a customer and devised the safety standards. Moreover, we regularely submit to independent assessments and have our quality management certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

Insa Lohmann: What goals have you set yourself? What can your clients expect in the future?

Jürgen Schröder: Almost all of 30 million payrolls are still sent by post. This offers a lot of potential for our service “ePAYSLIP®”, which is already used by first customers and will be further expanded. Those who want to find out more about it, can find TMS at the “Personal Süd” fair in Stuttgart May 19 and 20, 2015.