Press Release: TMS increases revenue in 2015 by 30%

The serivce provider Tec Media Services (TMS), Bremen offers an easy but safe solution of document archiving by its cloud computing offer which meets the requirements of the GoBD. With a few clicks paper receipts, digital documents and emails can be archived in a revision-proof manner on an online platform. This year the company increased its revenue by about 30 percent and already registered its 1.000 customer for the service TMS Archiv.

By using a standard web browser, the solution “Ready-to-use” TMS Archiv offers an efficient document archiving which is easy to use via the internet. “Whether at home, in the office or directly at the customer’s place: The companies have access to their documents at all times”, says the manager of TMS Jürgen Schröder. The documents are saved in a secured, virtual file. Therefore they enable worldwide access. Schröder: “Deliberately we focus on “Made in Germany” and we decided to host the data in a ISO27001 certificated computer center. Customers appreciate that”. Shortly TMS was independently tested by TÜV Süd to certify its quality management to ISO 9001.

For Jürgen Schröder the economic benefits and the efficiency of cloud applications are obvious: “TMS can be used immediately and it is usable on all terminal devices. Moreover neither an investment nor a installation is necessary – which strengthens the user’s acceptance.” This is also revealed by the user’s behavior in the area of cloud computing: According to an actual study of Bitkom 44 percent of the German companies use cloud computing by now.

“Cloud computing enables technical and economically attractive solutions for large datasets”, the entrepreneur sums up. “More than 1.000 customers and 7.000 users – this is an incentive for us to still offer existing and new customers a helpful and efficient service with our cloud system and to expand the functionality.” Last year TMS launched the new solution ePAYSLIP® which makes it possible to provide payrolls online for employees. Next year the new version 6.0. should be provided with new features.