Commodis integrates ePAYSLIP®

Tec Media Services has recently been working with Commodis GmbH on its cloud product ePayslip. In times of demographic change and full employment, “employer care” – taking care of the employees around their employees – becomes a crucial factor in the competition for skilled workers. For this purpose, Commodis offers a full-service service for the digital, legally compliant provision and taxation of employer benefits and employee offers. The digital payroll portal ePayslip has successfully integrated Commodis into this solution offering. “Our system is designed to give the employee all the services of his employer in one place in a transparent way – differentiated for the employees and according to the rules of the company.

For this transparency, the electronic payroll is an important building block, “says Commodis CEO Jens Lemke. “We are pleased to have found ePayslip, a leading solution for the secure, timely and cost-effective delivery of payroll.”