Postage increase of Deutsche Post: It´s time to switch to digital payroll

The dispatch of wage documents by post is more unreliable than ever and will increase by 14.3% from 2019 onwards.

So it’s really time to think seriously about replacing the classic analogue process of distributing salary statements.
According to consistent media reports, Deutsche Post plans to increase its postage for letters up to 20 grams from € 0.70 to € 0.80 by 2019.
This corresponds to a price increase of 14.3%.

And that’s not all: The service of letter delivery is not only much more expensive, it is also unreliable than ever. The Federal Network Agency has already received 4,100 complaints from customers via Deutsche Post this year – a record figure. Last year there were 6,100 complaints.
So it’s high time to easily and cost-effectively digitize the vulnerable and expensive process of printing, enveloping and shipping the salary documents via the ePAYSLIP® WebPortal.
And quite simply for only € 0.39 per user per month.
what are you waiting for?

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