Document management systems: TMS archive among the 8 TOP providers

TMS Archiv is one of the 8 best document management tools. This is the result of the online platform – a comparison and rating portal for cloud-based business tools. The independent industry experts praised in this context, especially the access through different browsers, the comfortable user management and that for the use of any installation is necessary.

The conclusion of the testers: “The TMS Archive document management system focuses primarily on data archiving and dispenses with other features such as the automatic classification of documents or workflow functions. The software is therefore ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that do not need such features. She works completely web-based. It’s quick to deploy and you can access it from anywhere. ”

In addition to digital document archiving from the cloud, Tec Media Services also uses ePayslip to create a digital portal for payroll accounting. “The cloud covers a wide range of tasks – we help companies to find the solution that is tailor-made for them,” says TMS Managing Director Jürgen Schröder.