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Bremen on the way to the digitization of payroll accounting in one in this regard

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ePAYSLIP®-Casestudy Versandhaus Walz

Committed to the trust of our customers in our services. We are happy to let companies that are already with us regularly report on their experiences with TMS products.

Please inform yourself here, which experiences the dispatch house Walz made with the introduction of ePAYSLIP®.

Ongoing Development of TMS Archiv

For almost eight years now, the Cloud DMS Service TMS Archive has been successfully launched on the market. It is important to us to constantly develop this service and adapt it to the market conditions. This is how the ePAYSLIP® solution was created, a document portal – for example, for employee salary statements. A few days ago we were able to win over a steel mill as a new customer.

As part of the further development, all users can now download a new version of TMS Archiv or ePAYSLIP online free of charge. Among other things, the language “Polish” was implemented, so that the internationalization of the customer structure is taken into account and promoted.

New Bitkom study: Cloud in Germany is booming

Two out of three companies in Germany used cloud services last year – including more and more smaller companies. This is the conclusion of a recent study by Bitkom Research. Accordingly, the proportion of cloud users in German companies has increased from 54 to 65 percent compared to 2015. In 2014, the value was still 44 percent. For the study, 554 companies from various industries were interviewed with at least 20 employees.

Especially smaller companies have caught up, according to the latest study. Cloud usage in companies with 20 to 99 employees has increased by 12 percentage points to 64 percent. In companies with 100 to 1,999 employees, the contribution increased by 7 points to 69 percent. “Cloud computing has become the basis technology of digitization in many companies,” confirms Jürgen Schröder, Managing Director of Tec Media Services. “In many cases, cloud computing not only lowers costs, but also makes operational processes more efficient.”

1 ticket, 2 fairs: TMS and ZOLL COMPANY present ePAYSLIP® at the Personal Süd fair

Personal Süd is the most important event for personnel management in southern Germany. The Bremen-based service provider Tec Media Services and ZOLL & COMPANY will show at the trade fair on 9 and 10 May 2017 how easy and fast it is to archive payroll accounting in the cloud. The HR event in Stuttgart, to which more than 300 exhibitors are expected, will be held for the first time with the concurrent Corporate Health Convention. “Due to the merger, we expect even more visitors this year,” says TMS Managing Director Jürgen Schröder.

Interested HR managers can find out in Hall 1, Booth A.19 A, how companies can reduce the costs and administrative burden of their payroll accounting thanks to the innovative cloud service. Take the opportunity and inform yourself at the fair Personal Süd about the possibilities of flexible payroll software.

New business partner: internet agency “caneko” relies on “ePAYSLIP”

More and more business partners recognize the advantages of the digital invoicing solution “ePAYSLIP”, like the internet agency “caneko” from Wickede in Germany near Dortmund, which wants to market the successful product actively in the future, firstly in North Rhine-Westphalia. The director of “caneko”, Carsten König, has a longtime experience in the HR sector, more than ten years of that in the consulting of solutions for personnel data archiving and the digital personnel file. König and his colleague Melina Schnettler are taking care of the marketing for “ePAYSLIP” at “caneko Internet-Solutions” in the future.


“We are happy to have another competent partner for “ePAYSLIP”, says the director of TMS, Jürgen Schröder. “We are convinced, that there is a great potential for this service, especially in the region North Rhine-Westphalia.”

New record: 1.500 companies are using TMS Archiv now

Great success for TMS Archiv: In October, Tec Media Services switched the 1.500th company for the digital document archiving live. Hence within one year 500 more clients chose the award-winning cloud document managing system from Bremen.

Director Jürgen Schröder: “This growth makes me and my team very proud. We are further on encouraged to offer a most safe World Class Service for the permanently document archiving in the cloud with TMS Archiv for our clients.” The recent new certification for the ISO9001:2015-norm contributes that. “Especially the retention rate is presentable, it is almost 100 percent.”, like Schröder says.

Tec Media Services successfully undergoes a new ISO 9001: 2015 audit by TÜV Süd

Regularly Tec Media Services undergoes an independent test and certifies its quality management according to ISO 9001, like on the 19th of October, 2016. For the first time, the company from Bremen was certified based on the updated and new requirements of the ISO 9001:2015. What’s behind these changes of the certification and which impacts do they have for the company? A overview.

According to the updated norm the management from the company should take even more responsibility and make sure that the quality management system is included in the strategic planning of the company. Furthermore, the quality management has to be integrated more in the strategic orientation of the company. The new norm requires that the company captures, which internal and external requirements have influence on the targets, the strategy and the result of the quality management system.

As part of the ISO 9001:2015 certification, target groups have been extended which should be more in focus of the quality management. This includes clients, cooperation partners and payers. The requirement of a systematic handling with risks and chances was totally new in in that norm. In the future the company has to identify, analyze and evaluate them and to plan and implement countermeasures.

So far the ISO certification has treated the handling of knowledge as a key resource quite shabbily. The updated norm now requires explicit a structured knowledge management, which gathers important knowledge but which also is available on request for all employees. The process-orientated approach and the call for an extensive and systematic process management should approach larger importance in the future. According to the specification of processes, performance indicators for process guidance, responsibility and authority as well as risks and chances, which could influence the target achievement of processes, the expected future results should be specified.

Director of TMS, Jürgen Schröder: “The updated ISO norm is very ambitious. Thus I am all the more pleased that Tec Media Services is certified for the next three years to ISO 9001:2015.”

Big telecommunications company uses TMS Archiv

More and more bigger companies decide to choose the cloud archiving service from Bremen: That’s how the director Jürgen Schröder recently gained a worldwide operating telecommunications company in the field of contract management for TMS Archiv. “Many branches in Germany have a direct access to the documents with TMS Archiv.”, commented Schröder. “When a document is scanned, it is immediately researchable and displayable in all other branches.”

The quick implementation without investment costs, the immediately and simultaneously access by many branches and the low monthly costs do increasingly convince bigger companies. The companies do not just lower their costs noticeable thanks to the cloud storing; they also reduce the resources nearly to zero. Schröder: “In addition, there is the factor that, the own IT-resources in companies are often too old or overloaded – that’s where the digital archiving system provides a solution with the cloud.”

TMS is extending the used areas in Europe to Poland

After already listing users in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy and Switzerland for TMS Archiv, TMS can now announce the conclusion with a big service provider in the field of cashless payments, which has its headquarters in Poland. More than ten users will manage the contract management with TMS Archiv.