New business partner: internet agency “caneko” relies on “ePAYSLIP”

More and more business partners recognize the advantages of the digital invoicing solution “ePAYSLIP”, like the internet agency “caneko” from Wickede in Germany near Dortmund, which wants to market the successful product actively in the future, firstly in North Rhine-Westphalia. The director of “caneko”, Carsten König, has a longtime experience in the HR sector, more than ten years of that in the consulting of solutions for personnel data archiving and the digital personnel file. König and his colleague Melina Schnettler are taking care of the marketing for “ePAYSLIP” at “caneko Internet-Solutions” in the future.


“We are happy to have another competent partner for “ePAYSLIP”, says the director of TMS, Jürgen Schröder. “We are convinced, that there is a great potential for this service, especially in the region North Rhine-Westphalia.”