Big telecommunications company uses TMS Archiv

More and more bigger companies decide to choose the cloud archiving service from Bremen: That’s how the director Jürgen Schröder recently gained a worldwide operating telecommunications company in the field of contract management for TMS Archiv. “Many branches in Germany have a direct access to the documents with TMS Archiv.”, commented Schröder. “When a document is scanned, it is immediately researchable and displayable in all other branches.”

The quick implementation without investment costs, the immediately and simultaneously access by many branches and the low monthly costs do increasingly convince bigger companies. The companies do not just lower their costs noticeable thanks to the cloud storing; they also reduce the resources nearly to zero. Schröder: “In addition, there is the factor that, the own IT-resources in companies are often too old or overloaded – that’s where the digital archiving system provides a solution with the cloud.”